Ultima Online Samurai Empire

UO Samurai Empire

The six expansion was Samurai Empire, released on November 4, 2004. The included a new landmass called Tokuno. This was also known as in Ultima I as the Lands of the Feudal Lords. The new landmass, new creatures, and new items were based on Fuedal Japan.

The big new housing event was met with the housing servers down for all day and most of the night. I waited 8 hours from the time I logged on into I could place a house. Lucky me as I placed the house closest to the moon gate on the Homare-Jima landmass. The capital city was flooded with maybe a hundred or more players trying to place there. A few seconds after the capital city was filled, a flood of players rushed into Homare-Jima where I had placed. Whew!

Two new "classes" that used skill points were Bushido and Ninjitsu. Both were unique and cool. There were three campaigns called Tokuno Treasures that had players kill the evil creatures and picked up minor rares that could be kept and used or changed at the capital city for a major rare. 10 minor = 1 major.

I created the "Tokuno Treasures Museum" in my Tokuno house plot and collected everything from Tokuno. From the Tokuno Treasures minor and major rares, to blackrock that sprouted up later.

I played this expansion on the Lake Austin shard.

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