Ultima Online Renaissance

UO Renaissance

The second expansion was Renaissance, released on April 3, 2000. This was Mondain's horde trying to take revenge. This second expansion of UO included a new landmass Trammel. The blunder, yes blunder is that they copied the current world and make a duplicate of it exactly. What was not a blunder is creating one for the good (Trammel) and the evil (Felucca).

Many die hard PvP fans hate that EA came out with Trammel ruleset which ended the preying on innocent players. I was one of them who did not want to step out of the town to be "ganked" by another player that, after killing you, called you names with profanity and posted a screen shot of their "prize death" on their website (usually Geocities) and said how much you sucked and how much they are a l33T Dud3!! IF it were not for those bad type of PvP players PvP would of flourished in UO instead of segregating it.

I wish they would of left the current world as is and make that the Trammel ruleset and make a new world for PvP. EA didn't and found a lot of backlash.

I played this expansion on the Lake Superior shard.

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