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The fourth expansion was Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, released on February 24, 2002. Creatures created by Todd McFarlane (Spawn fame) was the big bang of this expansion. The new landmass Illishnar was home to two warring tribes - Juka and Meer.

What many people don't remember is the plot and new creatures (including Lord Blackthorn) was the plot of the cancelled Ultima Online 2 product.

The plot is how Lord Blackthorn became a follower of Exodus and was corrupted by power. Lord Blackthorn returned to Britannia to take it over with mechanized creatures (him included).

I played this expansion on the Lake Superior shard and moved to the Lake Austin shard when it opened in September 2002.

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UO Lord Blackthorns Revenge Box Front
UO Lord Blackthorns Revenge Box Back
The included statue (plastic) of Lord Blackthorn was an included bonus.
UO Lord Blackthorns Revenge Inside Box
UO Lord Blackthorns Revenge contents
The other bonus was a comic that explained the UO backstory.
UO Lord Blackthorns Revenge Map and Comic

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