Ultima Online High Seas

Ultima Online High Seas

The First booster pack was High Seas, released on October 12, 2010. The included a entire new ship combat including four new ships: Orcish Galleon, Gargish Galleon, Tokuno Galleon, and Britannian Ship

A new Sea Market was introduced as a place to get the new High Seas quests. Located south of Moonglow, East of Skara Brae, and North of Fire Isle.

As we understand it this game has no physical collectible items, all were digital.
I played this expansion on the Lake Austin shard.

UO High Seas

Information from Ultima Online High Seas:

Set sail for adventure.
Get ready for all-new adventures in the world of Ultima Online, the best-selling massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with the Ultima Online: High Seas Booster pack.
With the Ultima Online: High Seas Booster pack, the action moves to the open seas with exciting new seafaring thrills. Fight ship-to-ship battles with the new Galleon-class ships. Unload your cannons to sink the enemy ship, or board with your crew to take over command. Battle nefarious pirates, visit the sprawling sea market, and encounter terrifying boss characters like Corgul the Soulbinder and Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer. New quests, professions, mini-games, weapons and more can be found in the Ultima Online: High Seas Booster pack exclusively for the PC.

- New Ship Types
• Gargoyle, Tokuno and Orc Themes
• Row boats
- Ship Weapons
• Multi-step firing system
• 2 new ship ammo types
• Cannon and ammo crafting
- Ship Damage States and improved Ship Repair
- NPC Pirate and Merchant Ships
- Unique Crews and Loot
- Ship Tracking
- Boat Paints
• Add more paint to darken your ship
- 20% House and Bank storage increase
- New ship boarding methods
- Ship Access Control System
- Fishing Updates
• 36 new fish including lobsters
• 16 new buffs
• 3 new fish wall mounts
• New cooking recipes
• Location specific fishing
- Sea Market
• Fish Monger collects rare fish for rewards
• Dockmaster loads/unloads your ship
• Pirate bounty board
• New merchants
- Boat Mouse Control
• Control boats using the mouse
• Can turn, drift, and sail at two speeds
- Boss Encounters
• Scalis
• Corgul the Soulbinder Island Encounter

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