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Age of Shadows

The fifth expansion was Age of Shadows, released on February 11, 2003. A new landmass called Malas was included. It was the kingdom of Paladins and Necromancers, two skills that any character would learn. Malas was many continents that were surrounded by a black starred abyss. Bridges connected all of the continents. This brought more housing land except Keeps and Castles were not allowed. Once Castle was added by EA/OSI as an award later.

New items properties were included to all weapons, included elemental (fire, poison, cold, energy) types of damages. Monsters were adjusted to resist certain types of elemental damage.

This was not a bad expansion but to those who were early adopters were blessed with a deed that either increased your stat cap +5 or any skill +5 points. Plus a rose or t-shirt (in game) that proclaimed that "you survived the Age of Shadows".

My adventures led me to place a house in the continent past the first west bridge. In the clearing not he left side I created a player ran town called "Fenwich Village". The big attraction was a jousting arena with live player-ran events next to a 18x18 Castle. For 1 year I hosted there jousting events. That was fun. The 18x18 Castle was made possible by the new custom brick style that was part of the Paladin side of expansion.

I played this expansion on the Lake Austin shard.

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UO Age of Shadows Box Front
UO Age of Shadows Box Back
UO Age of Shadows Box Inside
UO Age of Shadows Contents
UO Age of Shadows Map back

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