Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection

UO 9th Anniversary Collection

There was a special 9th Anniversary Edition released on October 31, 2006. This edition celebrated Ultima Online's seventh birthday. There was a special code for a Personal Attendant Token, Shadow Token, Crystal Token, new tile sets (Shadow and Crystal), 9th Anniversary Gift box, and 9 Heritage Tokens.

All expansions through Mondain's Legacy were included.

9th Anniversary Box included: 9th Anniversary Coin, and a Furniture piece (Shadow or Crystal).

The Heritage Tokens could be redeemed for any of the: 7th Anniversary Edition items, The Eighth Age items, Evil Home Decor, Broken Furniture Collection, and other decorations for your house including trees, suits of armor, finishing nets, hanging weapons, and rugs.

I played this expansion on the Lake Austin shard.

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