Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition

UO 7th Anniversary Edition

There was a special 7th Anniversary Edition released on September 25, 2004. This edition celebrated Ultima Online's seventh birthday. There was a special code for a in-game gift, an 6th character slot code, and buddy registration codes.

Included all expansions through Age of Shadows.

These seven special gifts celebrated for each year UO was around. The special in-game gifts included:

Royal Leggings of Embers (Blessed, Mage Armor)- When Britannia was founded, the king was attacked with a fire spell that nearly killed him. (Rumors of his demise were highly exaggerated.) Ever since, he kept a pair of Royal Leggings of Embers nearby.

Rose of Trinsic (+5 Strength for 5 minutes)- In The Second Age of Britannia, the peaceful town of Trinsic was attacked by the forces of chaos. After a fierce, bloody battle, the town was overrun and destroyed. This rose commemorates the Honor of the Trinsic defenders.

Shamino's Best Crossbow (Blessed, Hit Chance Increase 15%)- Once a king of Sosaria, Shamino was one of Lord British’s greatest Companions. Hailing from the city of Skara Brae, known for its spiritual people, Shamino followed the life of a ranger and was perhaps the best marksman in the land. This crossbow design is one created especially for him by Iolo, his long-time companion.

The Tapestry of Sosaria (Hildebrandt Painting Replica) - The history of the world is recorded in this tapestry, starting with the first days of Britannia to Third Dawn’s age of prosperity and opportunity. It was designed by one of Lord British’s most loyal companions, Iolo, a master bard and storyteller.

Hearth of the Home Fire (Blessed Oven) - When Lord Blackthorn waged a dark campaign to steal control of Britannia, the citizens often stayed home at night, not daring to leave their homes. The good people of Britannia spent those cold nights huddled around the warmth of a blazing fireplace like this one.

The Holy Sword (Blessed, Damage Increase 40%, Use Best Weapon Skill) - The fifth age, known as the Age of Shadows, was a difficult one. Necromancers had learned to raise the dead from their graves, and holy Paladins joined ranks to wipe the dark art of Necromancy from the world. It is a struggle that still continues. Paladins, thanks to a blacksmith with arcane knowledge, now have the Holy Sword to help in their quest.

Ancient Samuari Helm (Blessed, Mage Armor, Defense Chance Increase 15%) - Strange items from a strange land are being found. Rumors abound of a new land with new warriors and new ways to wage war. If the rumors are true, Britannia might never be the same. This strange helm was brought back on a trade vessel. Its exotic beauty pales in the face of its durability.

Also a playable patched version of Ultima IX Ascension was included.

I played this edition on the Lake Austin shard.

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