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Ultima Forever : Quest of the Avatar FAQ Guide section. We will help you figure out odds and ends we have come across from playing the game that helps us adventure further in the world of Britannia.

The official Ultima Forever FAQ area is here.

The "Where to turn miscellaneous quest items" Guide

Have an item you cannot figure out where to turn it in? Maybe this will help. If you have something to add please use the "About/Contact Us" menu above.

What you are looking for is this icon above the person's head (! or ! with arrow circling around it):




Format below: Location - Person - What - Where format below.

Castle Britannia
Tragen Mann - Fine Gem from Woods of Woe
Woolfe - Sacks from Woods of Woe
Tamora - Fine Clothes from Woods of Woe
Atwood - Stolen Supplies from Woods of Woe

Darius - Old Scrolls from Gaunt Keep
Zoltan - Skulls in
Hailey - Magical Residue from Gaunt Keep
Fey - Kill Gazer from Gaunt Keep
LIttle Deuce - Bread from Minoc Poorhouse

Skara Brae
Mitre - Plague Mask Barrowgrove
Nikoll - Venn the Scout from Barrowgrove
Daonniel - Bounty on evil in Barrowgrove
Horince - Weeper Pus from Barrowgrove

Chief Guard Wilmoore - ?
Smith Andre - Magical Gem from High Hills
Wizard Raskin - Necrolith Shards from High Hills

Characters of Ultima Forever

Characters of Ultima Forever
Meet the inhabitants of Britannia as you search for a cure to the Black Weep. They will look to heroes like you to help them in their plight and solve difficult situations.

Fans of the Ultima series will be delighted to be reunited with familiar faces including Shamino, Iolo, and many more.

The Black Weep

The Black Weep
Slow and insidious, the Black Weep is oozing across Britannia threatening her land and citizens. You've been called forth to discover its source, and put an end to the misery of the people.

The Virtues

The Virtues
The quest for Virtue continues in Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. Master the Eight Virtues of the Avatar to help combat the Black Weep on your journey to restore order and inspire the people of Britannia.

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