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One thing that greatly expanded the Ultima universe is the stories from Lynn Abbey and Austin Andrews.

Ultima Saga - Lynn Abbey Books
  • The Temper of Wisdom (1991)
    • Lord Ironhawk's son, Jordan Hawson; Althea; Drum, the blacksmith; and Jordan's kid brother, Squirt, search for Balthan, Althea's magician brother, the only one to know the truth about the evil infesting the land of Britannia.
  • The Forge of Virtue (1992)
    • Jordan Hawson and his companions return to Hawksnest only to receive a bitter welcome: their home has been tainted by the same evil they confronted and escaped in the northern forests. Even Jordan's father, Lord Ironhawk, is in the thrall of the corrupt Inquisitor Lohgrin.
    • With Jordan blind and disheartened, the Inquisitor moves swiftly and without opposition. Magician Balthan is condemned as a traitor, young Squirt becomes a fugitive in his own home, but the worst befalls Althea. The beautiful young woman will become Lohgrin's bride unless her friends find within their hearts the will and courage to free themselves from the Inquisitor's malignant sorcery
Ultima Lynn Abbey Novels
Ultima The Technocrat War Series - Austin Andrews

These were made originally for
Ultima Online 2.

  • Machinations (2001)

    • A WORLD REFORGED A sorcerous cataclysm has remade the ancient and magical world of Sosaria, where a misguided plan to bring ultimate order to the land has altered its destiny forever. Now past, present, and future are one...a unity that sets in motion an astonishing age of discovery and confiict for this strange new world.
    • Once separated by time and space, the warlike Juka, the calculating Technocrats, the matriarchs of the Meer, and the Virtuous knights of New Britannia are now on a collision course. Fragile alliances threaten to unravel as treachery and deceit pit kingdom against kingdom. Unless bitter enemies can put aside their vengeful differences long enough to uncover the truth, all Sosaria will be ripped asunder.

  • Masquerade (2002)

    • TIME OF WAR In the aftermath of a devastating, time-rending cataclysm, the splintered world of Sosaria is now a patchwork of nations ripped from moments in the distant past, the present, and the far future. Three great kingdoms now perch on the brink of war.
    • The wizards and knights of New Britannia prepare to join the warlike Juka in a battle against the mysterious, calculating Technocrats, who are led by the twisted Lord Blackthorn. In a test that will challenge the limits of their honor, a Jukan warrior and a Virtuous knight must unmask the sinister pact behind the war before the Technocrats unleash a mechanical storm that could bring all of Sosaria to its knees.

  • Maelstrom (2002)

    • STORM OF AGES As war ravages the time-torn world of Sosaria, the knights and wizards of New Britannia have joined the warlike Juka to invade the desert wastes of the Technocrats. To uncover the secret plot of the shadowy forces that control the carnage, an outlaw knight and a crafty Jukan veteran must challenge fierce enemies and their own ideas of honor, else the final battle could destroy all three nations and perhaps the very foundations of Sosaria itself.
Ultima The Technocrat Way by Austen Andrews

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