The Age of Darkness

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Wherein goodness gathers, so to must evil. As Lord British sought to unite Sosaria, our ancient fatherland, under the flag of goodness, the evil wizard Mondain defiled his decrees. The evil mage summoned the forces of darkness and drew them into war with the forces of goodness. With the gem of immortality, Mondain’s terrible reign over the land appeared final till a traveler from another world destroyed the gem and Mondain’s spirit contained within it. Thus began the tale of he who would, in time, become the Avatar.

The freedom earned by the departed traveler was soon to vanish as well. Mondain’s lover and disciple swore to avenge the death of her mentor. Stoked by the fires of black magic and revenge, the Enchantress Minax summoned the forces of evil to old Sosaria and spread them like locusts across the land. She and her minions did not stop till they had bridged time and space to reach the land of the traveler. Goaded into action, the traveler fought back, driving the evil hoards from this place of peace across the divide between his world and Sosaria to the heart of power. Minax’ enchanted castle wherein he doomed her to join her lover in eternity.

Evil begets evil in more perverted forms. Exodus, bastard child of the evil mages, wrought the despair in his abandoned heart across Sosaria. Mastering even more evil forms of the black arts, Exodus tore goodness from our people and spat it back in our faces. On the verge of anarchy, the land called to the traveler who arrived and banished the last of this family line to the Pit.

Source: Ultima IX Sourcebook

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