The Age of Armegeddon

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As the people flocked to the circle of wisdom, evil learned to speak the language spoken therein. To the false glow of the Fellowship, citizens were drawn, and the Virtues were again corrupt. The Avatar returned to Britannia to unravel the secrets of this mysterious Guild. At its core: deceit and greed. For, its master was a vile beast of another world, the Guardian, who sought to subjugate the people through minions drowned in his false prophecies. The Avatar arrested this insidiousness in the land and destroyed the Black Gate, the Guardian’s portal to Britannia. To Serpents Isle, a heretofore unknown land, the Avatar and his companions were drawn. For the victory over evil at Serpent Isle, the price was dear, as his companion Dupre gave the ultimate gift to the cause.

Forge of Virtue, Silver Seed

Hurled from the known of Britannia, the Avatar was imprisoned on a distant world within the sphere of the Guardian. A place that defiled time and space, Pagan could not be brought to the Virtuous ideals of the Avatar. Lacking innate knowledge of the people and terrain, the Avatar fought a lonely battle. His belief in the Virtues was tested when he summoned the powers of darkness to thwart the Elemental Titans. They were defeated, and a portal opened to return the Avatar, scarred yet stronger, to his world of peace.

Here, the paints have been freshly lain. Here, the Tapestry of Ages predicts the future. In reading the Tapestry one can only surmise the fate of the Avatar, Champion of Virtue.

In the absence of the Avatar on the world of Pagan, the Guardian has thrown Britannia into the hungry mouth of chaos. The image suggests that the lands are burning under the Guardian’s command. Across the defiled lands, enormous columns have sprung and began leak evil into the soil. The people are confused in their beliefs and behaviors. It is a dark time when the Avatar returns to battle for the final time. When he does defeat the Guardian, he ascends to a plane beyond mortality, never to return to us again.

Source: Ultima IX Sourcebook

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