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Runic Translator

Runic Translator

Works in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Does NOT WORK in IE.

Tested on Macintosh, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. Should work with Android.

The Runic Translator uses these fonts - you may want to download and install these fonts from our site as we are saving these wonderful fonts as Dame Lori as taken her web site down:

- New Britannia Runic Fonts
- New Britannia Runic Machine Font - By Sir Frank

Test your New Britannia Runic Knowledge with these Flash Card Sets!

Our flash card system is really easy.

On one side you will see the English word or letter

When you click or tap on the card, it will flip to show you the Runic word or letter.

Or the other way around.

New Britannia Runic Chart

The New Britannia Runic language in Shroud of the Avatar is a unique language. It is actually a cipher of the English language. Each English letter maps to a Runic letter.

New Britannia Runic is similar to the Elder Futhark runic alphabet.

Rustic Dragon has a great write up on the Ultima and Shroud of the Avatar Runic font differences:

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