Lord British's Silver Serpent Pendant

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.Charles Caleb Colton

I have re-created the single most important artifact of Richard "Lord British" Garriott in real life. The Silver Serpent Pendant!

Richard's stories in Ultima and Shroud of the Avatar universes have moved me to create my very own Silver Serpent pendant and chain.

This pendant is handcrafted and hand polished.

The chain I am using is a square link chain.

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2014 was the year that Richard Garriott saw my large Silver Serpent pendant that I created from the Ultima Collection box.

Richard was very impressed that he sent me the dimensions of his so I could create a version that was to scale.

Two prototypes were created out of silver stock with the addition of a bail so any necklace can be worn. If you like square links or rolo chains, we have you covered.

One prototype I have in the Shroud of the Avatar / Ultima Museum and the other was given to Richard as a gift at Portalarium in Austin, Texas.

Richard was very pleased with the prototype.

I signed an agreement with Portalarium to turn the prototype into a finished piece of jewelry and distribute them.

Starting in January 2015 - If you are interested in purchasing one made of sterling silver, please visit www.gemtreasuresdesigns.com


Here is a picture with Richard with his trademarked Silver Serpent necklace and pendant. Images are from the web.

Richard Garriott

Here I am wearing the 100% Silver Serpent pendant replica. I used a normal square link chain.

Bottom picture is the finished production version.

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Real Life Silver Serpent Necklace

Our design has a thicker silver serpent than the one that Richard Garriott wears.

The chain has a rectangle links instead of round links, yet still looks as stunning.

The silver serpent is made from sterling silver stock and shines as such.

Real Life Silver Serpent Necklace
Real Life Silver Serpent Necklace

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