Ultima: Runes of Virtue II

"Welcome to the land of Britannia!", Lord British says upon your arrival. "We have summoned thee through the moon gate to once again aid our realm The Black Knight, whom thou vanquished years ago, is up to his old mischief. He hath abducted Lord Tholden, mayor of the city of Britain. Thou must rescue him! To aid thee in thy quest, accept this magical Ankh. Use it whenever thou dost which to return to this castle."

(from the user manual)
Utlima: Runes of Virtue II is a fun game on the Game Boy handheld console. You have four champions that you adventure with (one at a time) including the characters of Mariah the Mage (wand of fireballs), Iolo the Bard (longbow expert), Dupre the Fighter (master swordsman), Shamino the Ranger (throwing magic axe).

This is a fun adventure that continues on the original game. Interesting you are not the Avatar in this game as you control one of the 4 champions.

Images follow, please pause or tap if on an iPhone or iPad (or similar device).
The contents of the Ultima: Runes of Virtue includes a Instruction manual and a game cartridge. Since my copy is shrink wrapped I relied on "extra help" to verify this.
Here are some screen shots from the back of the box. The graphics are crude but what do you expect from a monochrome 8-bit handheld console?

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