Duchy of Dara Brae

A dukedom established in 467 P.C. which funds the public, charitable, and private activities of Lord Greagoir and the Duchy's citizens.

Founded in the 467 P.C., the Duchy of Dara Brae is a unique portfolio of land, property and assets.

Our citizens are an important part of the Novia society. Celtic influences all parts of every day life. Celebrate with us.

Water & Woodlands

Breathtaking views with ancient spells.
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History of the Duchy

Learn about our history.
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The Duke of Dara Brae

Discover the man who founded Dara Brae.
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Nature Reserve

Protecting the forest, grassland, and water.
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December 1, 2014 we received a Royal Warrant from Lord British.

We received this for the Welcome Quest that lets all players visit the Player Owned Towns where they can learn the history of each town, learn something special of each town, and just have fun!

Established - June 6, 2014 / April 30, 2013

The trinity knot is the simplest in design of all the Celtic knots. It was used to symbolize trinity and the Celts were no strangers to this. They believe that everything comes in three's The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost; the three natural elements, fire, earth and water and so on.
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