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From the Diary of Duke Greagoir Pendragon - A Shroud of the Avatar tale - Week 2

Hearing the busy townsfolk on the streets in Brittany Central makes me know that this is the perfect spot to buy seeds. The cotton seed market seems to of doubled recently. This is putting pressure on cotton growers/resellers to raise prices. I don’t like to do this but it is what it is. I hope Dara Brae Supply customer's are ok with this. If not, Lord British will be notified at once!

I am spending most of my time lately in the southeast corner of Novia. There are a lot of Novians who need help in a camp set up in Soltown. Helping is something I like to do with both Outlander and Novian alike. At the "End of the World" party someone was lost getting to the final destination. Without delay I gave them a teleport scroll as a "just in case" we were separated and we travelled there together. I forget the lad's name, but he was very appreciative.

Animal Taming is something I always liked to do in the past in Old. So I went to Ardors and visited the merchant in the Sequanna Square and picked up a few recipes to make the taming collars and whistles. Lots of ingredients are needed while reading the recipes. Time to get gathering.

Silver will be the bane of my existence, I told myself after I died many times while in the Elysium Mines. A group is needed for sure. So right now I purchased a few collars and a whistle from the public vendor in Ardoris. This will help keep the economy going too. One of my goals is to create these once I obtain silver ore. Many of the prices for silver seem high, so I will wait.

Taming is not a task for someone who wants to take the easy route. You beat down the animal or insect, them attempt to tame them while they get free cheap shots in. Sometimes you live, sometimes you die. Once I am skilled enough I am able to now learn new skills that I heal and resurrect my Chest Mimic. For now, he will fit in. He used to be stronger but many did not like his strength so all Chest Mimic pets were weakened.

Another branch of the Dara Brae Supply is now opened in Solana. This is a short jog from Soltown and Ardoris. This area is visited by many delivering mail and is the fastest way to sell items and sell for those in the West Perennial Trail and beyond. Ardoris is very large and takes a lot of time to walk around. Solana is quick to get in, do your business, and get out. I was surprised not a lot more outlanders looking for a house spot placed here.

The greenhouse is up and fully functioning. I cannot place a house currently as the large rusted greenhouse I made takes up too much space. Laid down the measurements of a row house, nope. Measurements of a village house, nope. The guy who is doing the vending for me is not happy he has to sleep in the greenhouse with the plants. What to do?

The first yield is picked and not much was grown. More water! More water next time. Pricing will not be cheap as it is taking 22gp just to grow a good supply of raw cotton. I will have to price these at 25gp per just to make a very little profit.


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