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From the Diary of Duke Greagoir Pendragon - A Shroud of the Avatar tale

Week 1

The breeze was cool and crisp blowing at me. It felt good, real good. I kept thinking of the new day that was upon us. Clear skies invited myself to adventure forward my goals for today. But I am a ghost with Arabella standing in front of me. This happens every once in a while where any progress I have made within Novia has been reset. Only Outlanders know that this exists.

Outlanders are the citizens are were not born in New Britannia. We came from another place called "Earth". All Outlanders are from "Earth". I first came when I was much younger and completed the journey with my father. We shared the journey together yet were separated until we reached Novia.

Something this time is different, a different chill in the air, a different start.

I talk to Arabella and heed all of her knowledge to visit the Oracle to make my choices and journey onward. I cannot continue until my form is changed from a ghost to, well, me. I travel down the path and gaze into the mirror. This mirror is not a normal mirror. This is not a mirror that talks back to me, I already have one of those in storage waiting for the day I bring it out. This mirror is where I think of how I want to be presented to the citizens of Novia. In a few short moments I am transformed from a ghost to something I am more inclined to be. A form that make me feel more human.

I talk to the Oracle and make my choices. I am feeling like a Ranger today so I select the Path of Love.Good choices must be made because today is the day there is no starting over. No redos. I can finally be myself. This makes me feel happy. In an instant I am teleported to Novia through a Stone Circle. Stone Circles are a quick travel option yet only a few remain. Back where I am from Stone Circles don't work for travel anymore. I have touched a few in my time on "Earth" and felt their powerful connection.

Once I am transported I find myself in a battle. A battle on a bridge. I speak with the only living creature left, she is scared and I vow to help her under my Celtic Knight code. We meet up with a Bard and he helps us combat the undead who rose against the living here. After a few short battles we made it across the bridge where the Bard secures us passage out of here by boat while I scout ahead and talk with a nice eleven creature. Eleven creatures on "Earth" are magic and rarely seen. Eleven culture shares the same symbology of my Celtic origins.

After a short boat ride we find ourselves in the safety of Soltown. Here I part ways and start my own adventures. A kiss from the little girl is payment enough for helping her. Her mum is by a tent and they are happy again.

During many years I have been active in the local government, saving an island from pirates and bandits to help preserve the only remaining bit of Celtic culture in Novia, made good friends, and helping other citizens and outlanders alike. We are a big family who are making our ways through the world to create a larger community. Yes, community who will help each other.

Knowing that I have better armor and weapons to protect myself from the evil that lingers across the land I head to the local bank where I placed them from my last trip to Novia and gather my belongings. I take what I need and will return to gather the rest after I have secured a place to lay down my hear on a real bed. Sleeping outdoors in the elements can be a challenge.

Traveling from Soltown to Solania and northward requires I need some gold to spend on food and drink. You can have so much wild game and swamp water until you need a good home cooked meal at a local tavern. I grab some mail that needs to get delivered and head on my way. This pays pretty good but it is a slow trek through swamps. The constant battling crocodiles and caimans make it a real challenge. Thankfully there are a few bandits who have decided to test their steel with mine. This breaks up the monotony of the trip.

Once northward I travel to Brittany to re-establish my royal linage within Novia. They accept my request and grant me my Duchy once again. Good thing this is the last time I will have to go through this process. They need to verify my identity and that takes a few moments. My past deeds speak for themselves and I am handed over my "right to place" paperwork and my Royal Warrant plague to hold certain services for the crown. During my travels to Central Brittany I eye up a few locations that may work for the housing needs.

My travels now lead me southward to the end of the Novian world, Elysium Island. This is where the final resting place of the Isle of Dara Brae is. After a quest that was taken by myself to prove to the Nature Spirit that I am holy and just to protect this sacred Celtic place, I call this island my home first most. It is here where I feel the most like myself. This is the place where I commune with nature and feel their thoughts in the stream, the trees, and ancient standing stones, and through the largest Yew Tree in Novia. Meditation here is like a dream where everything is clear and clicks into place.

Dara Brae still has it's structure in place: the Druid Tree home is there, the newly discovered Dragon Bones are there (found a bone fragment my mistake when we were first settling), and the Yew Tree is still there. Our replica of a house style used in ancient Skara Brae on "Earth" has been blown over from ocean winds and rain. I quickly clear it and leave the rocks there. We will have to rebuild this part.

I sit there thinking of the wonders when I am interrupted by the Nature Spirit. She is pleased of my return and knows the other Druids are not far behind me. Through this I realize that the area that needs protection the most is the one we were trying to settle. We are protected from the Pirates of Spindrift Bay since the island moved by nature magic means. We need to protect this area of the island from, us. Not that we are destructive, but disputing the land in a hurry could erase some wonderous artifacts. Knowing what I have to do, I thank the Nature Sprit for her wisdom and go on my way. Back to Brittany to tell them of my plans and get the proper seal. When they have time to see me.

In the mean time I find myself collecting various resources; raw cotton, pine and maple wood, beetle carapaces, and lots of copper and iron ore. I know I won't start perfecting my crafting skills sooner than later, this is the start of my scouting mission to help the lives of Dara Brae and place a vendor up to sell some of this. I meet up with old Novian and outlander friends adventuring our way through Novia. After a search that spans many days with a fellow Druid's help, Sansa, her and I discover the perfect spot in Brittany Alleys.

Sansa is determined to make a nice vendor spot for all of the Druids that work hard in Dara Brae. She will be the owner of the first "Dara Brae Supply" franchise. She is very pleased we found one that is next to the entrance. Her goal is to work hard and clean up the house so we can live there while visiting the north. A gentleman is hired to sell our excess resources while Sansa starts to build him a living area in the house. I leave them at their new duties. I have a party in Soltown to attend to. I get my finest cloths ready in preparation to meet more friends I have not seen in ages. This will be truly a celebration to remember.


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