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Shroud of the Avatar - all quests are completed

On the 20th anniversary of Ultima Online (09/24/2017) I finally competed the main storyline and quests from Shroud of the Avatar!

Happy UO. Happy SOTA.

Since Shroud of the Avatar is the OFFICIAL SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR OF ULTIMA ONLINE, it is only fitting to complete this wonderful immersive game on the 20th anniversary of UO. 

Here is my character - Lord Greagoir Pendragon, Duke of Dara Brae with my completion screen:

SOTA's world Novia now known as TRAMMUCCA

In an awesome move, Portalarium has made the decision that Shroud of the Avatar's world is now known as TRAMMUCCA. Everything will be reset (towns, properties).  

Richard "Lord British" Garriott was quoted of saying*, "It is what the fans and backers want."

Just remember - Oh shoot. Dara Brae is now in the PVP zone.  Lord Greagoir Pendragon, ONBE (Duke of Dara Brae) has declared the Dara Brae will be the safe zone for all of PVP Novia this day forward while the land is TRAMMUCCA!

* - not really

Greagoir Pendragon's How I GMed Tame Creature

First of all I want to thank all of the GM tamers with their great advice and resources. Today (10/16/2016) I am joining their group as a GrandMaster in Tame Creature.

My goal is hoping this helps someone think about taming as a career path in SotA. I really like having a pet battle along side of me while I am adventuring.
The path was not easy and I learned a lot about how to tame and I wanted to share this with you. I am still learning and made decisions that I can live with (regarding pooled adventurer experience) to be able to GM tame creature.
Here is my current skills. I adjusted some already gained skill levels as I learned through other GM Tamer's advice and my own testing through adventuring and trying different things out.
Having a large pool of adventurer experience points is the key to quick taming level advances after level 80. I went from 99 to 100 faster than going from 98 to 99 because I had a larger adventurer experience pool. I am not one who mows down opponents fast with Area of Effect spells or high level blades skills. I am a Druid who uses a few simple nature type of spells (Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Obsidian Arrow, Root) and Searing Ray. I made the choice to focus more on taming as I have loved taming creatures since early Ultima Online.
To get my large adventurer experience pool I took some of my abilities I had in (Root at 77, Refresh at 88, Heal Creature at 93, Obedience at 77, Train Intelligence 70, and Bulwark of Earth 54) and took the Books of Obsidian Unlearning and reduced them to the minimums. This added to my 160,000 pooled experience gave me a total of 1.2 million experience points. I did the dumb thing and did this in two parts (ended up with 700,133 xp and when gains were slow again (taming level 98) I did the other part and ended up with 732,949 xp. Doing it all at once would of made all gains level faster. These abilities I lowered was from 2.5 releases of adventuring. Many great guides are already out here on the forums to explain managing experience pools. But seeing is believing.
Once I had my experience points in check I turned every other skill all to the negative sign (-) so these abilities would not gain. So I would only be gaining in Tame Creature . This made it easier to go from 87 - 98, and 99-100). Levels 98-99 was with I had 257,781 pooled xp left and the gains were very slow. The rest has that 700K experience pool.
Before taming make sure your Collar Recovery is at a high level so you don't burn through taming collars. I recommend level 95 when taming Bear Patriarchs as I did not loose one collar. Keep Collar Recovery a few levels above your Tame Creature level and if you loose a collar while taming, increase the Collar Recovery another level until you don't loose anymore taming collars before taming again.
This is what I tamed and when for Tame Creature gains:
0 - 20 = I took the path of love so I started out with 20 skill points. Rabbits and chickens are good to tame at this level
20 - 40 = Large Corpions
40 - 60 = Large Arctic Wolves *if you start successful taming a lot and using up collars, then start taming Large Polar Bears.
60 - 80 = Large Polar Bears *if you start successful taming a lot and using up collars, then start taming Bear Patriarchs.
80 - 100 = Bear Patriarchs
To get the innate skills up I mainly gained in Summoning, Resurrect Creature, and Heal Creature and had all of the taming innate skills set up to gain too (Obedience, Collar Recovery, Combat Training, Concentrating, Refresh). They gained rapidly until level 80. When I was taming I was only gaining in Tame Creature on purpose.
The levels break down in the 90's like so you can plan better how much you xp need for this level gain:
91 - 46K xp needed to gain level
92 - 50K xp needed to gain level
93 - 58K xp needed to gain level
94 - 62K xp needed to gain level
95 - 69K xp needed to gain level
96 - 75.5K xp needed to gain level
97 - 82K xp needed to gain level
98 - 91K xp needed to gain level
99 - 99K xp needed to gain level
100 - 111K xp needed to gain level
The taming skills I found useful and not useful like this:
Tame Creature - Needed to tame any creature. See above on how I gained this skill.
Heal Creature - Great to heal the pet. At level 40 you heal 11 - 15 health. At level 92 it was more like 21 - 25 health (+10). I think I will raise this again and stop at level 80 which should be fine.
Resurrect Creature - Needed to resurrect your creature in case he dies. I like that you can select yourself and then hit resurrect to do it, instead of having to get to your pet's body. As soon as he is alive again, right click on him and select teleport him to you so he is not targeted and killed again.
Obedience - I think level 40 is good for this as this will determine at what level you pet will flee if his health gets too low. At level it is 30%, at level 60 it is 45%, and 80 it is 60%. I did not see a big difference. Just keep healing your pet and he won't flee.
Collar Recovery - A modifier in helping you not loose any taming collars while taming.

Concentrating - This will help reduce the focus use while the pet is active. Get this as high as you can while getting your focus as high as you can. Then you will be able to use magic spells or combat moves and fight along side your pet.

Refresh - This is how long you can summon a creature again. At level 1 it takes 15 minutes between summonings and at level 88 it was 4 minutes between summonings. Level 88 was too high for me. Find a balance like maybe level 40 for 8 minutes between summonings.

Summoning and Combat Training:
These work together to determine the health and power of your pet while summoned with the summoning skill. My bears are at a good level of health and power with my summoning at 86 and combat training at 91.

Pair Summoning and Combat Training with Concentrating and you have a pet you can battle along with and not feel like both of you are going to perish quickly.

I hope this guide helps you in your quest to be a GrandMaster Tamer.

From the Diary of Duke Greagoir Pendragon - A Shroud of the Avatar tale - Week 4

In the desert of Grunvald I find things what I can tame now that I have progressed in my taming ability. The sun is hot in the desert and many cultists are found here. At least I think they are cultists. They always wants me to drop whatever I am doing and join them. I always refuse so they want me dead.
Dead? Whoa buddy. Talk about forcing someone to join your cult. I respond to their attacks with my magic and now my tamed pet, I have to make sure I heal my pet before myself as the pet will run away if he feels overpowered. He will run to safety if I am defeated so I have to balance healing myself and healing him.
Taming Corpions are something interesting. They really don't like to be tamed so they are tougher than a fawn or stag. Time and time again I try to comfort the Corpion and time and time again he kills me while resisting. Over time I start to convince him that he is better with me protecting him and creating a friendship with me. Then suddenly he agrees and we have a relationship of friends, not master and slave.
This seems to be the taming edition of my diary week. Taming is all I am thinking of now. Taming Large Corpions seems too easy now to convince them to join me. I think I need something that is more of a challenge. I know Large Brown Spiders! I head over to the swamp south of Kingsport.
Lots and lots of undead are over here. I think they died a horrible death and are stuck here for all eternity and want to make sure us living creatures are miserable as they are. Once I kill a few with my Large Corpion I realize it is nice, unlike the Cultists, that the undead don't ask me to join them - they just want me dead period. Ah, refreshing!
After a while the icky Large Brown Spiders are just that - icky and sticky with their web shooting. After clearing them off my equipment time and time again. Taming and taming again. I finally am able to make friends with a few. They battle others of their kind and don't live to tell about it. That makes me sad. Each time I need to heal them but become overpowered and I have to heal myself first. This leads to a spidery death for them.
Once I make this challenge seem easy it is time to find a harder challenge. I know Vauban Pass! There are lots of wolves and bears there. I like bears as they have a special meaning to the Celtic tribe. The winter weather will be a refreshing change from this hot and muggy swamp. Plus no thing wanting me dead. Us Druids have a way with nature, you know.
I travel to Vauban Pass and find myself running from wolves the moment I enter. Hey, I have a thing with nature right? The wolves did not get the message it seems. My Large Brown Spider is killed almost immediately as three wolves from the left descend upon us. WOW! This area is hard. This area is the challenge I have been looking for!
After travelling around this entire area I have seen Arctic Wolves, Arctic Bears (BINGO), and Cultists! Now this again. "Hey join us!". No. "DIE!" At times I group up with other travelers and keep these at bay. I fail many, many times taming the wolves and bears. Experience I tell myself. This reminds me of the Bard dance I developed in Old Britannia. I had more "weapons of music" that helped provoke creatures onto other creatures, and was able to clam creatures into a peaceful existence. In New Britiannia this Bardic melodies transformed into just a relaxing type of music. No more battle music. I miss those days.
Today the new taming approach I am developing is working. I am using my attunement with the Earth magic (I am a Druid you know), and it is stopping the wolves and bears for a small bit while I am peacefully telling them, "You will be safe with me. I will take care of you."
Many don't believe me and want to maul me on sight. There is one that wants to be my friend. I will call him "Artos the Celtic Bear". He has a pretty white coat and large teeth. In Celtic tribes Artio is a bear goddess, so I honor her by naming my bear after the Celtic word for bear - Artos.
I am tired after a long journey of taming. It will be nice to sleep in a bed instead of the ground under a tree.

From the Diary of Duke Greagoir Pendragon - A Shroud of the Avatar tale - Week 3

Another beautiful and sunny day. I look towards the east and see how the sun radiates off of Brittany Castle. I can feel the electricity in the air with busy streets and places for Novians And Outlanders to go to. Most of us Outlanders who have lived in Novia consider ourselves more Novian than where we came from.

I found a good price on taming collars and have decided to boost up my skills in my most favorite profession - Animal Taming. Back in Old Britannia, I have tamed quite a bit of different animals. Fire Steeds, Nightmares, War Horses, and my favorite - Dragons and Wyrms.

Seeing new places always excites me. This week I am focusing more away from Elysium and into the north woods past the mountain passes. These passes have a lot of bad news in them. I feel good that I am able to run through the passes now. I used to just die and my ghost would float to the other side. Transporting items is not an ideal way through the passes as the weight can definitely slow you down and make you a bigger target to the ruffians. Do that not even animals want you to pass through there. Been attacked many times. Now I can defend myself with my faithful companion.

I make my way through Longfall into South Paladis. My first stop is the towns of Jannaford and Bramble. These two towns are very nice. Jannaford seems more busy with property taken close to the entrance. Bramble has only two lots taken. Writing this down in my blank book I will need to tell the other citizens of Dara Brae. Maybe one will want to make that trip between here and Dara Brae. It seems like we have a taker. My friend and long time namesake, Dara Brae (the person), wants to take this head on and open a Dara Brae Supply up in Bramble. Dara Brae (the person) took his name to honor the Nature Spirit who overlooks and protects the island.

As I travel all over the north there are good towns all over. Right now I don't think we want to travel too far north as the journey right now takes a few hours.

The trip takes a detour once I hear about Spite. Another citizen of Dara Brae, Kaley Brae, likes the town of Spite. She has spite in her so this makes sense. I talk to her about the long trip making many hours and she is ready for the responsibility. She wants to make our gathered resources and goods available up there in her own Dara Brae Supply. She places a row house down by the docks where you can take the ferry to the dungeon Malice. Kaley took the last name of Brae to honor the Nature Spirit of Dara Bare who overlooks and protects the island.

Back to taming and training. One of my passions is taming and caring for animals. Making them feel safe and loved. I have one pet that I keep with my during my shorter travels. Malvina, my spotted bunny. She lives traveling so many times you will see me with her running through town. I started trying to tame a Large Polar Bear. Oops. These guys are just bad news and rips me a new one quickly. I could sense that my chances were very low. So off to the woods of Perennial Coast. After many, many hours I raise my abilities up. I use the tame and release method so the animals can still remain home.

4B has an taming event today so I travel to the Island of Wonders for the 4Beasts store opening event. Lots of great questions and answers, with many I did not know. Luckily for me I won third place for my taming knowledge. Not the most knowledgeable yet but I am learning with every tame attempt. Sindariya will even give me a lesson. This makes me smile.

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